Technology in 2020 is too complicated. Make it simple with easy solutions.

Frontenac Technology Solutions


User Defined Solutions

Providing complete end to end solutions that simplify tech for the average users. Solutions that put the owner back in control and allowing them to access all the benefits available to them. No matter what the issue or problem there is always a solution.


Wide Range of Services

  • New TV Installation
  • Tablet/PC Setup 
  • Indoor and Outdoor WiFi Systems
  • Speaker Systems
  • Automation
  • Remote Cameras
  • Smartphone Setup
  • Technology Coaching and Tutoring
  • Printer Setup
  • Smart Home Troubleshooting
  • Whatever Tech problem you can think of!


Barn Cameras

One of the most popular installation items has been barn cameras with remote monitoring capabilities. Saving time and protecting livestock. Systems starting at $400 and full installation included.