Protect your Home or Cottage


No Monthly Fees

Pay a one time install fee, don't get locked into expensive monthly contracts.

View Your Cameras from Anywhere

Anywhere you have internet access with your smartphone or tablet you are able to watch a live feed of your cameras.

Wired and Wireless Systems

Don't want to look at wires, no problem. Camera systems come in both wired and wireless options.

2 or 32 Cameras

Whether your house is big or small, whether you want 2 cameras or 32 systems are designed for all situations.

Lorex Reseller

FTS is an approved Lorex Reseller which means the best prices for anyone thinking about a home/cottage security camera.

Legal Note

Frontenac Technology Solutions does not offer monitoring. Your ability to access the video from the camera system remotely is dependent on a working internet and electrical system.