Locally and Ethically Raised

Grass Fed Beef

When it comes to great tasting beef there is nothing better than grass fed cattle. Available this fall (2020) we will have a selection of sides of beef for purchase. Fill up your freezer with high quality grass fed beef, at affordable prices.

Now taking deposits!

The Process

Pick a side or a whole.

A side of beef will be between 150-200 pounds of usable beef, this should feed an average family for about a year. A whole will be between 300-400 pounds. A whole might be a great option to share with a large or extended family.

What you pay for.

As with all meat producers the customer will pay for the hanging weight. This is the weight of the cow after it has been killed, and had the organs removed. If you are unsure exactly how this weight is calculated following this link. Hanging Weight and Final Weight

Pick Up

The beef will go to the butcher in late October. I will contact you in Mid-September to get information regarding how you would like the beef cut (steaks, roasts etc). Once the beef is taken to the butcher it will take around 4-6 weeks to be ready for pickup. At time of pickup you will pay the price per pound for the hanging weight of your side of beef or whole minus your deposit. 

How to Order

Please call me at 613-929-6440 or email


I take cash, etransfer, paypal, and credit card. Credit cards are subject to a 5% service fee.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Price List

We are not a large corporation, we do not own a feed lot. I cannot guarantee anything. The size and weight of the cattle could change. I will honor the price per pound but the total price may be more or less then quoted.